Isidro G. Pentzke

Isidro is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts Degree, from Lesley University. His work with social connectivity and social disconnection called The Process of Loss will be shown in June 2018 at Lunder arts center.

This work proposes, that digital media has changed the way art is viewed and experienced. This investigation into technology unpacks the effects that technology has on our society.

Isidro’s undergrad was from Florida Atlantic University, he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2013. Where his study of the human eye alongside of the new age of digital cameras where explored.

Currently Isidro is one of the Fine Art instructors at a Wellington Community high school. Over the last 3 years Isidro has grown the program, by obtaining multiple grants and by fundraising. With this money Isidro was able to get new cameras, dye sublimation printers and a large format printer. He was also able to get new laptops with programs like photoshop, light room and LANSchool to help him teach the kids. Isidro has also introduced the Photoshop industry standard test to his program. Allowing students to get industry certification, to allow them to leave his program with the skills and certification to work in the industry.

Isidro Love to teach yet his professional career has not been limited to education, he has also managed national Photography studios for multiple years starting in 2003.


Artist statement
In a world where many are plugged in to a cyber world. It is hard to believe, that you are not being programed. This work is a portal, that uses a geometric algorithm to unlock a cyber experience. The use of technology can lead to a state of technological suspension. This suspension forces non-technological bystanders to navigate around the living statue. The trigger for this suspension is no more than a tactile image that is reminiscent of an archaic format that changes to a retina stimulus when viewed through a digital Lookingglass. As the viewer places the virtual reality headset on, they become fully engrossed in a virtual reality world. In this new environment, the viewer finds themselves alone, yet, aware of the world they left behind. Every sound and smell from a reminder that the digital world can be a cold, and lonely world.