Self Publications:


"It is the ability to listen learn and adapt that make a true educator great"

Isidro G. Pentzke MFA.

Artist Statement:

Art is like education. It is hard to understand how or when it will affect your life, yet, the more you take in the more you can expand your life. As a creative educator I explore the world with an artistic lens. The concentration of my work deals with light and the manipulation of this medium. The translation of my work spreads across both digital and physical mediums. My newest work Prosses of loss deals with the social abandonment of the twenty first century.

In a world where many are plugged in to a cyber world. It is hard to believe, that you are not being programed. This work is a portal, that uses a geometric algorithm to unlock a cyber experience. The use of technology can lead to a state of technological suspension. This suspension forces non-technological bystanders to navigate around the living statue. The trigger for this suspension is no more than a tactile image that is reminiscent of an archaic format that changes to a retina stimulus when viewed through a digital Lookingglass. As the viewer places the virtual reality headset on, they become fully engrossed in a virtual reality world. In this new environment, the viewer finds themselves alone, yet, aware of the world they left behind. Every sound and smell is a reminder that the digital world can be a cold, and lonely world.  


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